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Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy 2019-2020

Explanation of Title 1

Title 1 is a federally funded program designated to provide a high quality education that will ensure our students’ mastery of skills in order to meet the state’s high academic standards. Research-based, supplemental instruction in reading, math, social studies, and science is provided under Title 1 funds for students based on academic need. These funds are dispersed to schools meeting certain qualifications based on eligible number of students qualifying for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.


General Expectations

In accordance with Title 1 requirements, this document will serve as the written Family Engagement Policy for Freiheit Elementary School, 2019-2020. This document has been jointly developed and has been agreed upon by FES staff and families. It will be distributed to FES families and the local community in a format that parents can understand, and it will be distributed in Spanish upon request.


Engaging our Families

In order to provide our FES families engagement opportunities, the following will be done by our school:

  •   An annual Title 1 meeting will be held to inform families of the documents that set forth the expectations for Freiheit Elementary as well as the expectations of the families of FES students.

  •   Parent/Teacher conferences will be scheduled to provide parents with information on their student’s progress as well as to provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions and/or voice concerns regarding their student’s education. The campus teacher/student/parent compact will also be discussed and signed by all parties at this time.

  •   Provide timely information about school programs, and give parents the opportunity to participate in the planning, review, and joint development of the Campus Improvement Plan while being given the opportunity to submit any parent comments within the plan.

  •   Offer opportunities that encourage family engagement such as Hallway Heroes, Crusin’ with Crofford, math and literacy nights, Family Thanksgiving lunch, Veteran’s Day ceremony, parent classes as needed, seasonal/fun family homework, family game nights, and volunteer opportunities such as field trips and helping in the classroom.

  • Provide flexible opportunities for parents to participate in meetings, activities, and parental involvement. FES may provide services to assist parents in being involved in these opportunities.

FES will continue to build upon the family and growing campus’ capacity for family engagement by offering information to families regarding the standards of campus, district, and state standards. Parents will also be given opportunities to receive education related to communicating with teachers and how to monitor student progress.

In order to build student achievement, families will be provided materials and training during events such as math and literacy nights where they will have an opportunity to engage in take- home games with their student’s teachers and learn more about grade level expectations.


FES will serve as a hub for parents on topics to assist families through programs by reaching out through activities and other educational forums to encourage preschool readiness. FES will provide translation for parents if requested during these times. FES will educate our staff in how to engage our families on various topics such as productive communication with families, implementing parent programs, and creating trusting relationships between families and schools.


FES Mission Statement

Freiheit Elementary embraces the unique learning styles of all students. Our goal is to provide a safe, enriching environment that encourages our students to develop the skills and habits to become life-long learners.